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4 Simple Steps for Dealing with Excuses


What excuses or lies do you invent? The ones you tell yourself to avoid doing that thing that takes so much effort, that thing you dislike doing, or that thing that requires a huge amount of willpower? I’m tired, I don’t want to, it’s not the right time, I’ve already done enough, next week will […]


Four Steps to Make Change Happen


Frequently people are aware of their needs of change, say losing weight, quitting smoking, starting their own business or improving their personal relationships. They know that they should do something, but they find it difficult to put it into practice. Our daily actions are the result of two basic needs: avoiding pain experiencing pleasure Very […]


Achieve Your Goals with 3 Simple Actions

Achieve your goals with three simple moves

How can you achieve your goals through 3 simple actions? Changing your life, daring to put yourself forward, improving your working environment. Who would say no to a better life? Who wouldn’t want to have more time and more resources? Who wouldn’t want to dedicate themselves to the thing they really love doing? In reality, change […]


Smettila di Peggiorare Il Problema


Hai in mente il detto “Pazzia è fare sempre la stessa cosa e aspettarsi risultati diversi“? Senza dubbio, è molto sensato. Eppure, di fronte a una difficoltà o a un problema, molto spesso tendiamo a replicare di continuo determinati comportamenti, anche quando questi non si rivelano affatto utili. Talvolta, addirittura, aumentiamo l’intensità delle nostre azioni, […]