Do You Want To Live Life By Your Own Rules?

We'll help you create a fulfilled life and a career in line with your passions, exploiting your potential to obtain excellent results.

Do you...

  • ...feel trapped in a work environment that doesn’t satisfy you and want more from your life?
  • ...want to make use of your passions and your talent to create a successful business activity?
  • ...crave more clarity, motivation and energy in your working routine?
  • ...feel overwhelmed by daily activities and fail to find the time to really do what you enjoy doing?
  • ...want to get more out of your career and your life, and have more fun, freedom and variety?
  • ...wish to find out what your life goal is, what you were born to do and why?
  • ...want to understand what your true potential and your true vocation are?
  • ...desire to live a life that’s full of meaning and to have a positive impact on the world?
  • ...want to accept responsibility for your life, and feel optimistic and determined to change for the better?

What would happen if you decided to reclaim your life?
What if you chose to become the protagonist of your own life story?

Imagine if instead…

… you were able to:

  • Take the first, second, third, and all the necessary steps to start a business that excites you
  • Find the true meaning of your life and see perfectly clearly what you want to achieve and why
  • Get new perspectives on personal and professional challenges, which you will face with confidence and motivation
  • Be completely self-confident and exploit your potential to the max to get great results
  • Manage your time optimally and your energy and your resources productively
  • Make important life decisions. facing every kind of fear and uncertainty
  • Increase your effectiveness at the interpersonal level, including improving your relationships with the people you care about
  • Set and maintain new, healthy habits for your life

About 2 months ago, I heard about Anh from my husband. I was short-tempered and easily upset. This affected my relationship with my loved ones. My husband recommended that I have coaching sessions with Anh. Initially I was sceptical about it. I didn't see why I needed to have a coach. Also I was not sure whether I would like my coach. However, when I met her for the first time, I felt she was really a people person. I was comfortable talking to her. Through these sessions, I got to understand myself better. I learnt how to better manage my emotions. I have become a better person after 6 sessions with Anh. I am really grateful and happy to have met her! I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to improve any aspect of their life to meet Anh.

Joey T.
Joey T. Owner at Partykids, Singapore

A six-week journey and my own way of approaching my many tasks turned into an efficient organization and time optimization strategy. The journey’s milestones forced me into a way of thinking that went beyond the limits I had become used to. Redefining your boundaries offers better alternatives ;) Thanks Anh!

Michel T.
Michel T. Computer science teacher and entrepreneur, Switzerland

What you can get

Through a coaching journey with ThreeSixtySkills you can:

  • Identify, plan and start a new career inspired by your passions, with trust and confidence

  • Develop a business or personal action plan (e.g. for writing a book, creating a website, organizing an educational event, etc…)

  • Manage your time and your energies optimally to increase your productivity and restore balance to your life, without feeling guilty

  • Deal with procrastination, get back your motivation, and improve your professional performance

  • Improve your self-esteem, become more self-confident and exploit your full potential

  • Learn how to handle negative feelings, fears or uncertainties that stop you from being the best you can be

  • Develop your communication skills, both with yourself and others, and improve your interpersonal relationships

  • And much, much more!

With our help, you'll be able to set and reach a meaningful goal that is important to you, to identify your underlying motivations, to find the resources to make your desires into reality, to rediscover and exploit your personal potential, and to deal with internal and external barriers as well as any difficulty that might cross your path.

Six weeks can be enough to kick-start a huge change, especially if you can count on a trained and efficient coach that can promote it. That’s what happened to me: I started from an idea, a project that still had to be defined, and in little more than a month I managed to make it into reality. And that’s not all there is to it, because while I was working with Anh to define this project, the necessity arose to touch on other issues related to myself, my life, my way of living my reality and the world around me. What had begun as a journey to develop my project about classical fairy tales turned into an interior journey, dedicated to powering up my determination, my organizational skills and my ability to handle problematic situations. With Anh’s help, I managed to shed light on some of my limits, while at the same time starting to become aware of some of my strong suits. The result? My life began to change and to go in the direction I had always wanted it to follow so that it could become what I wished it to be.

Antonella A.
Antonella A. Financial Consultant, Switzerland

I am a coach and I wanted to follow a journey with Anh to improve myself and work even more efficiently on my goals. I found her a true professional: efficient, kind, positive, determined, and very sensitive. Thanks to Anh, I managed to overcome some important working challenges, and redefine my boundaries. It was truly unique! Thanks Anh!

Dario B.
Dario B. Coach and trainer, Italy

Our Coaching Programs

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    Book a FREE discovery coaching session to create a clear vision of who you are, what you really want and why you want it, and uncover hidden blocks that are preventing you from realizing your dreams.

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    An insightful 4-months coaching program to turn your dreams into reality: make the most of your skills, knowledge and potential, via a heroic journey of personal growth and self-transformation.

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    A powerful 4-months coaching program for expat women to reinvent your career abroad: turn your passions into a profitable business that allows you to make a true impact in the world.

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You'll be working with an International Coach Federation's Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and we'll build a partnership with you through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

Before I started my coaching journey, I thought, “I will never manage to reach the goal I set”. At the end of it, I was able to exclaim, “I did it! I made it to the finish line!”. Efforts, continuity, and seriousness definitely helped me, but the magnificent work Anh did play a fundamental role, which allowed me to finish my coaching journey successfully. I think the important qualities a great coach must have are: patience, calm, positivity, understanding, neutrality, ability to encourage the client and to ask the right questions that allow to understand what the real issues hiding behind words are! I have no doubt: Anh has them all! Being her coachee was a truly great experience that I’d do again in a heartbeat!

Martina V.
Martina V. English teacher, Japan

Anh has been helping me with my business, which has made a big impact. She is very diligent and responsive. Anh is always on top of what's happening with my project, both in the short and long term, and has helped provide some accountability to keep me focused and motivated. She is also very supportive and helps keep me going even when the work is not exciting or obstacles are encountered. Also, she has helped me create some additional routines and structures to improve my motivation and focus. Overall, I highly recommend working with Anh; she has the right combination of diligence, knowledge of effective self-management techniques, and an overall very warm, friendly and encouraging personality. Give her coaching a try and I think you will be glad you did!

Ingmar G. Software engineer, U.S.A.