Master The Art Of Life

A 21 Day Journey From zero to HERO

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  • Have you ever ended up giving up on your dreams because you were scared that you wouldn’t make it or that you weren’t up to the job?
  • Have you ever asked yourself what your real aim is in life and how you can make your Vision and Mission a reality?
  • Have you ever stopped believing in yourself because those around you said you’d never make it?
  • Have you ever ended up losing control of your emotions, or throwing in the towel at the first hurdle, and missing out on important life chances as a result?
  • Have you ever wanted to transform your life, to shift it up a gear and finally achieve the success you’ve always desired?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, perhaps you’re not living your life to its maximum potential.

Or perhaps you’re repeatedly putting your dreams on hold, waiting for the right moment to fulfil them.

The reality is that the perfect moment doesn’t exist.

You’ll never have more time, more knowledge or more resources, until you decide to take the first step towards changing.

The longer you wait, the more you’re wasting your time doing something you don’t enjoy, wasting energy and resources on activities that are probably taking you further from your real aims in life.

Act now to transform your dreams into reality. If you have a dream and you’re convinced that it’s worth making a reality, this book is for you.

Samantha Genini

This book has been an inspiring and straightforward read and features concepts that are easy to understand. I really liked the stories it contains. Some of these stories belong to people I’d already read something about before, and this made me realise I’m on the right path. It also made me understand that even in our own small way we can do great things, without letting ourselves get stuck behind limits and barriers. This journey is an example and an inspiration for everyone, because you don’t necessarily need to have countless years of experience and expertise under your belt to get what you want. You just have to break through the limits imposed by your own fears.

Samantha Genini Switzerland
Elizabeth Neumann

Master the Art of Life has served as a guide as I make the transition from having a steady full time job to working full time on my online businesses. It has provided me the opportunity to examine my life intentions and ensure I am staying on course with how I want my life to be like.

Elizabeth Neumann Spanish Language Lessons, Blog & Translation Services

You will succeed in:

  • Making the most of your skills, knowledge and potential in order to improve your life via a heroic journey of personal growth and self-transformation

  • Making your dreams a reality by implementing an easy-to-follow action plan, carrying out steps one, two, three, and more to achieve personal and professional success

  • Facing up to whatever is preventing you from realizing your dreams, as well as finding an effective strategy for staying constantly motivated and remaining faithful to your Vision and Mission

  • Transforming the convictions that are holding you back into new, enduring, positive beliefs, to enable you to tap into your full potential

  • Managing your emotional state and generating positive emotions that you’ll be able to call to mind whenever you want or whenever you feel the need

  • Celebrating your victories and drawing fresh motivation from your successes, which you can then channel towards achieving your future goals

A hero is someone who in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers goes ahead and overcomes anyway.

~ Christopher Reeve (aka Superman)

This book, conceived as a practical and personal guide, will present you with a 7-step strategy for transforming your life.

For 21 days, you’ll be supported as you embark on a journey that will lead you to rediscover the Hero inside you, face up to obstacles, beat your inner demons and end your battle victoriously.

Michaela A.

I’ve just finished Anh’s book, which I’d describe as a true guide for personal growth. In particular it helps you find the courage to live your dreams and find your mission, by overcoming all the fears that paralyse our being. Anh shows you tools and strategies for achieving your planned objective. She encourages you to move towards it by helping you get to know yourself better and shedding light on your values and beliefs. On top of this, the book’s real strength lies in the concrete exercises that help you understand, spur you on and make you confront reality. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to change that reality or whether you prefer to remain comfortable. On top of that the testimonials in the book are an excellent source of useful advice and strategies. This really is a book I’d recommend if you don’t want to watch your life pass quietly by, because you never know what tomorrow will bring and you don’t want to leave things too late!

Michaela A. Switzerland
Kang Vang

If you are going through a transitional phase in your life this book is for you. The book gives you concrete steps you can take to mastering the art of life. Believe and Big Love.

Kang Vang Founder of AshoriCo

7 steps for transforming your life

  • Step 1: Who are you today?
  • Step 2: What's your dream?
  • Step 3: What's holding you back?
  • Step 4: What are the steps to take?
  • Step 5: What do you need to tackle your demons?
  • Step 6: What allows you to move forward?
  • Step 7: What is your reward?

In these pages you'll discover

  • Who you are, what you want and why you want it
  • What your values and beliefs, your Vision and your Mission consist of
  • What is stopping you from being who you want to be
  • How to transform your limiting beliefs into new, powerful convictions
  • How to take control of your emotions, your responses, and therefore your results
  • How to define an actionable plan with doable objectives, to ensure your success
  • How to manage your emotional state, dissociate from negativity, and anchor new positive emotions
  • How to tackle barriers and difficulties that may arise along the way
  • How to reward yourself and turn your victories into new, inspiring energy for the future

Success stories

In addition, you’ll learn about the strategies and secrets of successful entrepreneurs who have achieved ambitious goals and created a life for themselves on their own terms.

Public speaker and Trainer

Cayden Chang

Public speaker and Trainer, Owner of Mind Kinesis Investments Pte Ltd & Mind Kinesis Management International (Singapore)
Cross-cultural coach

Claudia Landini

Cross-cultural coach, Founder of Expatclic (Indonesia)

Royal Frenz

Singer, Founder & CEO of BMINT (Switzerland)

Jia En Teo & Federico Folcia

Entrepreneurs, Founders of Roomorama (Singapore & New York)
Bestselling author, trainer & coach

Lucia Giovannini

Bestselling author, trainer & coach, Co-founder of BlessYou (Italy & Thailand)
Entrepreneur and yogin

Cecilia Sardeo

Entrepreneur and yogin, CEO of Mindvalley Italy, co-founder of Omnama, Zenward and others (Italy & Malaysia)
Lifehacker, entrepreneur and startup advisor

Ryan Vannin

Lifehacker, entrepreneur and startup advisor, Owner of Plastical & co-founder of Tipiù, TEDx speaker (Switzerland)
Luca Vanin

Since I was 18 years old (or maybe even before then!) I’ve been devouring books on personal growth and I have to say that this one is simply incredible. Complete, rich, innovative, immediately applicable, fresh and illuminating, Master the Art of Life will, in my opinion, be a true bestseller. A real firecracker that’s suitable both for people who want to give their lives a bit of a shake-up and for people who want to take their own personal growth to the next level. What’s more, inside it talks about the 5 elements and the Hero’s Journey, reworked in exactly the way I like them: not linked to any particular context, reconsidered, broken down and enjoyable for anyone! Wow!!! My warmest congratulations to Anh (and Simone)!

Luca Vanin Author of "Public speaking online" and Founder of WebinarPro

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