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How to Find the Meaning of Life

meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? We’re all trying to find meaning in our life. Some people search for it in their career, others in voluntary work, while others try to leave tangible evidence of their presence on this earth through science or art. As Gabriel Gonsalves states on his blog, there is another way […]


How to Express Anger Without Being Hurtful or Aggressive


‘You don’t respect me.’ ‘I really can’t stand you.’ ‘You’re completely useless.’ Here’s a list of statements that you’ve probably either made yourself or had made about you, most likely in a fit of anger. Do they sound familiar? In this article you’ll learn that these expressions represent one of the seven mistakes you absolutely […]


Break Your Limits In 3 Steps

Break Your Limits in 3 steps

Imagine jumping into the water from a 10-metre diving platform. How do you feel about it? If you find it scary, dangerous, and impossible, what will you tell yourself? “This is impossible. I’m never jumping off from here. No way. It’s too high. I’m scared!” Then you hesitate, resist, and maybe avoid the situation altogether. […]