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Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to turn her passions into profits?

I'll help you identify, design and launch a portable business based on your talents, so that you can make a true impact on the world and get paid for the value you offer, while traveling and having time to spend with your loved ones.

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In this powerful session you will:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for ultimate success in your new business
  • Discover the obstacles that are keeping you from making the impact you desire
  • Define the next step to start getting paid through your business

You'll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to launch the business of your dreams once and for all!

In 2013 I met my current partner, who had been relocated to Singapore by his company. After a long year in a long-distance relationship, I decided (not without fears and doubts) to leave my country - Switzerland - and my job, my friends and my family, to take the leap and move to Singapore to join him.

We wanted a future together and even thought the idea of moving abroad for some years was scary, I thought it would be exciting. We could finally be together, we could travel around Asia, I would meet lots of new people, I would improve my English and I would have many new experiences.

But I didn't expect the transition to be so difficult. When I arrived to my new country I missed my friends, I missed my routine and, most of all, I missed my independence.

As a foreigner, I didn't have a visa that allowed me to work. Even though we could travel and visit many interesting places and we had somewhere nice to to live, with many facilities that I could only have dreamed of previously, I often found myself at home crying in despair, not knowing what to do.

I felt useless and worthless. I had so many ideas I wanted to put in practice. I wanted to be of a help and I wanted to use my knowledge and skills to support others. I wanted to be independent and I desperately wanted to work, yet I couldn't. I felt like a bird in a cage.

As an expat woman myself, I know the difficulties you can encounter when moving to a new country and the struggles you can go through to get your personal and professional identity back.

After the initial period of struggling I knew that acting like a victim was not useful at all, so I decided to do something concrete. I rolled up my sleeves and started looking for solutions.

I read, experimented, tested, attended training courses on specific topics, threw myself into meeting people and filled the gaps in my knowledge where necessary.

I had to reinvent my identity and my career from scratch. I had to understand who I was, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to work with and WHY I wanted to do all this.

Finally, after many months struggling to get a working visa, I figured out a way to officially launch my own training and coaching company, ThreeSixtySkills, with the aim of building a new career focused on my passion: helping others embrace their full potential.

This proved to me that yes, we’re all capable of taking our future into our own hands, of making informed choices and deciding our own fate, if only we can believe more firmly in ourselves and in our own potential.

It doesn't have to be as hard for you as it was for me. I have helped other women reinvent their career, start their own business, make their own money and get back their independence. And I can help you too.

Thank you, dear Anh, for being the captain of my ship, keeping me en route in the midst of stormy seas, of doubts and even despondency, and helping me achieve what I had thought unachievable for a long time. You delivered, on all fronts, because you empowered me to reach my destination. I had never wanted to avail myself of the services of a life coach. But here I am today, totally converted in my opinions, and it is all thanks to you, Anh.

Daniela M.
Daniela M. Owner at Italiansorrisi, Singapore

I am a recently graduated fashion designer, now doing a certificate in fashion management and marketing, while designing the first collection for my brand that will be launched in August here in Argentina. Anh has helped me solve some of my insecurities about my social skills that could have been damaging when the time comes to sell my products. Also, she enabled me to identify the tasks I need to get done and how to organize them week by week. She has accompanied me through the process, giving me the support and motivation I needed to continue, creating a pace of work that is now fixed as a daily habit, perfect for building my business in a rapid yet solid manner.

Romina E.C. Fashion Designer, Argentina

"Start Your Dream Business" full program

1:1 Highly Personalised 4-months Coaching Program including

  • Dreams & Goals

    Discover your purpose in life and your business goal

  • Key Resources

    Be empowered by making the most of your skills, values and beliefs to ensure your success

  • Business Model

    Identify your online business model and your customers needs

  • Packaging and selling

    Create your signature products and service, learn how to sell them

  • Marketing Strategies

    Strategies for reaching out to customers and implementing your marketing plan

  • Self-Leadership

    Discover tools to face your fears, increase your motivation and eliminate excuses

You Will Succeed In

  • Discovering your true strengths, skills and knowledge and applying them in a meaningful way in your business

  • Designing a business that reflect your unique set of experience, so that you can easily attract your ideal clients

  • Exploring different business models and finding the one that fits you and your lifestyle the most

  • Identifying your ideal clients and what they really want, so that you can provide effective solutions to them

  • Defining your income goals and how much you need to earn and work to reach the target

  • Identifying the best ways to market your services or products to reach your ideal customers

  • Creating systems and daily routines, so that you’ll be working on your business, not in it

  • Maximizing your productivity and enjoying more time with your family and your loved ones

A coaching presence online that I was satisfied with was always very elusive for me – I found that the distance between what a web person would interpret and what I could convey was much too great, and I got frustrated in the process. I wanted someone who already knew what it was to create a successful online presence in the industry and who knew what was best practice for a successful coaching practice. Anh made it easy, she took away so much of the guesswork and she asked all the right questions to get me clear and focused from day one in building my online business. The best thing was I enjoyed and trusted the process as I knew I was in safe yet firm hands. Thank you Anh!

Verity M.
Verity M. Transformational Coach, Sri Lanka

Six weeks can be enough to kick-start a huge change, especially if you can count on a trained and efficient coach that can promote it. That’s what happened to me: I started from an idea, a project that still had to be defined, and in little more than a month I managed to make it into reality. And that’s not all there is to it, because while I was working with Anh to define this project, the necessity arose to touch on other issues related to myself, my life, my way of living my reality and the world around me. What had begun as a journey to develop my project about classical fairy tales turned into an interior journey, dedicated to powering up my determination, my organizational skills and my ability to handle problematic situations. With Anh’s help, I managed to shed light on some of my limits, while at the same time starting to become aware of some of my strong suits. The result? My life began to change and to go in the direction I had always wanted it to follow so that it could become what I wished it to be.

Antonella A.
Antonella A. Financial Consultant, Switzerland

Ready To Start Your Dream Business?

The full program includes:

  • 1 in-depth strategy session

    1.5h in depth strategy session to clearly define your business goals

  • 11 Coaching Sessions

    Individual 50 min coaching sessions to boost your business

  • Practical worksheets

    Practical worksheets to guide you in the journey

For a limited period of time, the total investment is $3000 only.
Payment plan available: $550 x 6 months

All prices are in USD

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I approached Anh to coach me on gaining more clarity about my career and a business that I want to start. In our first session, she had me see how much my life was all over the place, and I was surprised that I actually need to work on my relationships both at home and at work. With Anh’s coaching, in just one month I managed to find answers within myself, reaffirmed my goals, dreams and beliefs, and I took the steps we worked out together in our sessions. Regardless of the minor language barriers (her first language is Italian, while mine is English), we get along extremely well with each other – she made our coaching sessions hugely enjoyable and effective. Anh is very patient and gave me a genuine space to be heard, which allowed me to fully discover what I really want for my life – something that not many coaches have been able to provide me with in the past. She is also an extremely empowering coach! If you’re looking for someone to walk alongside as you seek clarity in your life, do approach her right now! Anh, thank you so much for the time we spent working together. I am grateful to you.

Ruby C.
Ruby C. Executive, Singapore

Anh has been helping me with my business, and it has made a big impact. She is very diligent and responsive. Anh is always on top of what's happening with my project, both in the short and long term, and has helped provide some accountability to keep me focused and motivated. She is also very supportive and helps keep me going even when the work is not exciting or obstacles are encountered. Also, she has helped me create some additional routines and structure to improve my motivation and focus. Overall, I highly recommend working with Anh, she has the right combination of diligence, knowledge of effective self-management techniques, and an overall very warm, friendly and encouraging personality. Give her coaching a try and I think you will be glad you did!

Ingmar G. Software Engineer, U.S.A.

Book your FREE 45-min "Start Your Dream Business" consultation session now!

In this powerful session you will:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for ultimate success in your new business
  • Discover the obstacles that are keeping you from making the impact you desire
  • Define the next step to start getting paid through your business

You'll leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to launch the business of your dreams once and for all!