What Our Clients Say About Us

Emilie Thuillier

Before working with Anh, I had a lot of questions about my goals and I lacked confidence. The activities we did during our intensive coaching program were very useful, helping me to find the origin of my lack of confidence and to work on it. The tools that Anh used helped me to make peace with my past. I felt heard and understood and it was easy to share my thoughts. Now I feel relieved and have gained confidence and motivation. I’d like to say a big thank you for everything. This intensive coaching program has been a very good experience.

Emilie Thuillier Accounting Manager, Singapore

I started a coaching program with Anh because I was interested in finding ways to better use my talents and pursue my passions as a writer. Through very innovative and structured techniques, she helped me clarify which are my strengths and gave me increased confidence in what abilities I can focus on.

Anh’s approach is very methodical and clear. She helped create clarity, focus and shed light on aspects that were not previously evident. She is very kind and a great listener so it was always a pleasure to have sessions with her. I found really useful to receive feedback from her as an experienced professional coach and this helped me to find new insights to my situation.

Now I have increased confidence in my abilities as we have identified strategies to break down in step by step actions career paths to reach precise goals and targets.

Elena P. Non profit Director & writer, Italy
Manale Ganiere

Before my coaching session with Anh, I felt stuck in my business. In one session she helped me to identify and understand my fear of moving forward and to have more faith in myself. This allowed me to take an important step toward my goal of creating the lifestyle I desire. What I found most valuable was the way she listened to me, guided me without pushing me, which allowed me to open up with confidence. Thank you Anh – keep doing what you do to help entrepreneurs and small businesses take further steps in pursuit of their dreams!

Manale Ganiere Cross-Border Business Consultant, Singapore
Marina Ionescu

I approached Anh to do a coaching program because, in the business I’ve been running for a year and a half, where coaching was concerned I was having problems working with new clients due to emotional or subconscious blocks. Despite the success I’d had with my coaching clients and the results they had achieved, on my own I couldn’t work out what my problems were or how I could overcome them. It was success I was afraid of. It seems strange to be afraid of a good thing – usually it’s bad things that scare us. But success being a wonderful, enormous thing, I was afraid. Anh helped me identify these mental blocks and get over them. As well as being capable professionally she was also tolerant of me. I’m the kind of person who wants to do lots of things, but she helped me tone myself down and focus on my objective. Now there are no more obstacles on my road to success. Thank you Anh!

Marina Ionescu Business Coach, Italy
Verity Mace

A coaching presence online that I was satisfied with was always very elusive for me – I found that the distance between what a web person would interpret and what I could convey was much too great, and I got frustrated in the process. I wanted someone who already knew what it was to create a successful online presence in the industry and who knew what was best practice for a successful coaching practice. Anh made it easy, she took away so much of the guesswork and she asked all the right questions to get me clear and focused from day one in building my online business. The best thing was I enjoyed and trusted the process as I knew I was in safe yet firm hands. Thank you Anh!

Verity Mace Transformational Coach, Sri Lanka

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and have been seeing where I can incorporate more images and flowing exploration elsewhere. I thought the pacing, selection of group and pair exercises, and balance of science and story was fantastic.

Angela O. Creative Coach, Singapore
Deborah Forzanini

During the coaching session, Anh led me to make contact with myself, to see things on a deeper level, one that I hadn’t previously been aware of. Because of this I was able to rediscover my talents and achieve a sense of self-worth. She helped me understand which direction I needed to take to make a breakthrough and to proceed on my journey to create my business project. Throughout all this she was extremely kind and sweet, able to listen and to see beyond her own point of view. I felt as though I was taken by the hand and accompanied on a search for aspects of myself that were there to be discovered and confronted. Now I’m more motivated and reassured because things are fine as they are. It’s all part of the process of reaching my objectives. Anh, both in her words and in her Being, reminded me of that.

Deborah Forzanini Italy
Ngaire Newland

Anh is an incredibly gifted coach.  She is insightful and uses creative methods to bring about a shift in perspective.  She is open and accepting and challenging when required.  My goal was to address confidence issues and these have improved significantly thanks to her coaching skills.

Ngaire Newland Behaviour Change Facilitator, New Zealand
Dr. Céline Coderey

With amazing coaching skills and a delightful sensitivity, you have guided us through an interactive and self-reflective journey intended at taking a pause from the frenetic rhythm of our lives and at meditating on where we are heading to. You have invited us to be in the present and to look into ourselves through the creative and enriching mirror of the music, mysterious pictures and especially of other people, and to become aware of our weaknesses but especially of our strengths and dreams, that we should never give up. I wish everybody the chance to do this exercise with you! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Dr. Céline Coderey Professor @ Tembusu College-NUS, Singapore
Fabiana Pozzi

I met Anh purely by chance (though I don’t believe there’s any such thing) and within a very short time I ended up having two Skype sessions with her. I’m a counsellor and I was at a point in my life where I felt the need to bring my mental, emotional, masculine and feminine parts into greater balance. Two sessions with Anh was enough to rediscover how to use the resources I have to achieve this balance. Working with Anh is a wonderful experience: she’s a warm, welcoming person, and is clear, precise and very competent in her work. We’ve found we have a lot in common, and I’m thankful that life has brought us together.

Fabiana Pozzi Counselor, Italy
Martina V.

Before I started my coaching journey, I thought, “I will never manage to reach the goal I set”. At the end of it, I was able to exclaim, “I did it! I made it to the finish line!”. Efforts, continuity, and seriousness definitely helped me, but the magnificent work Anh did play a fundamental role, which allowed me to finish my coaching journey successfully. I think the important qualities a great coach must have are: patience, calm, positivity, understanding, neutrality, ability to encourage the client and to ask the right questions that allow to understand what the real issues hiding behind words are! I have no doubt: Anh has them all! Being her coachee was a truly great experience that I’d do again in a heartbeat!

Martina V. English teacher, Japan

With her open personality Anh is able to make you feel at ease during the training sessions, she is able to create a positive environment in which you feel empowered and ready to give your best. I had the pleasure to work with her on learning new memory/studies techniques with one to one personalized sessions that boosted my creativity.

Tijana C. HR Specialist, Svizzera
Francisco R.

Anh is one of those rare persons who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a strong background, Anh exhibits massive interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success.

Francisco R. CEO BMINT, Svizzera
Ruby C.

I approached Anh to coach me on gaining more clarity about my career and a business that I want to start with. In our first session, she had me to see how much more I was all over the place with my life, and was surprised that I actually have to work on my relationships at home and at work too. With Anh’s coaching, in just one month, I managed to find answers within myself, reaffirmed my goals, dreams and beliefs, and I took those steps we worked out together in our sessions. Regardless of the small language barriers we had (her main language is Italian, while mine is English), we get along extremely well with each other – she made our coaching sessions extremely enjoyable and effective. Anh is very patience and gave me a genuine space to get heard, and this allowed me to fully uncover what I really want for my life – something that not many coaches were able to provide me in the past. She is also an extremely empowering Coach too! If you’re looking for someone to walk with you to seek clarity in your life, do approach her right now! Anh, thank you so much for the time we worked together. I am grateful to you.

Ruby C. Executive, Singapore
Ivo C.

L’aiuto della coach per una chiara definizione di ciò che si vuole ed il suo supporto durante le tappe stabilite mi ha permesso di liberarmi dai blocchi mentali e di cambiare le convinzioni nel modo più veloce e naturale possibile. Obbiettivo raggiunto! Grazie Anh!

Ivo C. Impiegato d'ufficio, Svizzera
Antonella A.

Six weeks can be enough to kick-start a huge change, especially if you can count on a trained and efficient coach that can promote it. That’s what happened to me: I started from an idea, a project that still had to be defined, and in little more than a month I managed to make it into reality. And that’s not all there is to it, because while I was working with Anh to define this project, the necessity arose to touch on other issues related to myself, my life, my way of living my reality and the world around me. What had begun as a journey to develop my project about classical fairy tales turned into an interior journey, dedicated to powering up my determination, my organizational skills and my ability to handle problematic situations. With Anh’s help, I managed to shed light on some of my limits, while at the same time starting to become aware of some of my strong suits. The result? My life began to change and to go in the direction I had always wanted it to follow so that it could become what I wished it to be.

Antonella A. Financial Consultant, Switzerland

Anh mi ha aiutato a raggiungere miei obiettivi nel campo delle mie relazioni personali durante 6 sessioni di coaching via skype. Durante questi appuntamenti settimanali ho apprezzato non solo la professionalità di Anh che guidava in modo ordinato il nostro lavoro, ma soprattutto la sua curiosità e la sua flessibilità nel cogliere ed integrare nuovi elementi che sono scaturiti strada facendo ed il suo modo attento e garbato nell’incoraggiarmi. Grazie Anh!

Paolo R. Ingegnere Capo Progetto, Svizzera
Joey T.

About 2 months ago, I heard about Anh from my husband. I was short tempered and easily upset. This affected my relationship with my loved ones. My husband recommended me to have coaching sessions with Anh. Initially I was skeptical about it. I didn’t see why I need to have a coach. Also I was not sure if i would like my coach. However, when I met her for the first time, I felt she was really a people person. I was comfortable talking to her. Through these sessions, I got to understand myself better. I learnt how to better manage my emotions. I have become a better person after 6 sessions with Anh. I am really grateful and happy to have met her! I strongly recommend anyone who wish to improve on any aspect of their life to meet Anh.

Joey T. Owner at Partykids, Singapore
Daniela M.

Thank you, dear Anh, for being like the captain of my ship, keeping me en route in the midst of stormy seas, of doubts and even despondency, helping me achieve what i had thought unachievable for a long time. You delivered, on all fronts, because gou empowered me to reach my destination. I had never wanted to avail myself of the services of a life coach. But here i am today, totally converted in my opinions, and it is all thanks to you, Anh!

Daniela M. Owner at Italiansorrisi, Singapore

I am a recently graduated fashion designer, doing now a certificate in fashion management and marketing, while designing the first collection for my brand that will be launched in August here in Argentina. Anh has helped me solve some insecurities on my social skills that could have been damaging at the time to sell my products. Also, to define what are the tasks I need to get done and how to organize them week by week. She has accompanied me through the process, giving me the support and motivation I needed to continue, creating a pace of work that now has been fixed as a daily habit, perfect to build my business in a fast, yet solid way.

Romina E.C. Fashion Designer, Argentina
Michel T.

A six-week journey and my own way of approaching my many tasks turned into an efficient organization and time optimization strategy. The journey’s milestones forced me into a way of thinking that went beyond the limits I had become used to. Redefining your boundaries offers better alternatives ;) Thanks Anh!

Michel T. Computer science teacher and entrepreneur, Switzerland
Dario B.

I am a coach and I wanted to follow a journey with Anh to improve myself and work even more efficiently on my goals. I found her a true professional: efficient, kind, positive, determined, and very sensitive. Thanks to Anh, I managed to overcome some important working challenges, and redefine my boundaries. It was truly unique! Thanks Anh!

Dario B. Coach and trainer, Italy

Anh has been helping me with my business, and it has made a big impact. She is very diligent and responsive. Anh is always on top of what’s happening with my project, both in the short and long term, and has helped provide some accountability to keep me focused and motivated. She is also very supportive and helps keep me going even when the work is not exciting or obstacles are encountered. Also, she has helped me create some additional routines and structure to improve my motivation and focus. Overall, I highly recommend working with Anh, she has the right combination of diligence, knowledge of effective self-management techniques, and an overall very warm, friendly and encouraging personality. Give her coaching a try and I think you will be glad you did!

Ingmar G. Software engineer, U.S.A.

The workshop Time to Pause is unlike those I have attended. It is all about knowing ourselves better through interacting with others and thinking about ourselves. There are no worksheets, no theories and definitely no right answers. The trainer has done a great job in facilitating our self discovery.

Vincent Wee Student at Tembusu college @ NUS, Singapore

I feel like I really enjoy the workshop “Time to Pause” as the trainer provides a very interactive way to present the message about having a pause in our life and give some time to reflect and ponder. The way how the workshop goes (rather than having presentation or talking but through cards and sharing session with different people) also make me really grateful to have signed up for this workshop. I also glad to the fact that in our module “Time and Life” we have sometime put a rather bigger emphasis on time, while in Ms. Anh’s session we put more focus on life especially in quality of life and different perspectives about life. Overall, I really enjoy the session and I hope to attend more session similar in the future.

Timothy Lawrence Student at Tembusu college @ NUS, Singapore

Are you at the crossroad of self discovery? Then this workshop will give clarity to your thoughts and help you understand yourself better. Come to be inspired, highly recommended!

Frank Wang Participant, Singapore

Great workshop with Anh using interactive tools & techniques for us to expand our point of view on our lives!

Tommy Wong Participant, Singapore