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Learn how to use Points of You™ tools to take your training & development programs to the next level!

Creative Tools for Training and Development

As a coach, facilitator and trainer The Coaching Game has enabled my clients to obtain fresh perspectives and deep insights. It is an essential part of my coaching toolkit!

- Niall Heenan, Coaching & Training, Ireland

'Train The Trainer' has been created in response to numerous requests from professionals, organizations and private individuals who having practiced Points of You™ tools, felt the need to find out and thoroughly examine additional possibilities of using it.

Throughout the years, Points of You™ has developed a range of experiential trainings whose goal is to instruct and teach a variety of possible uses of The Coaching Game and Punctum for personal and professional purposes, as well as to enjoy a unique and engaging experience of inspiration and growth.

This training is not conceived as frontal lectures; it is an experiential process enfolding while seating on cushions, listening to music and experiencing various processes during which some moving encounters occur between the participants, but first and foremost between each individual and their own self.

What you will learn

Join this 1-day training to explore new possibilities of using your Coaching Game and Punctum for training courses and 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Experiential learning

    Learn about the method, photo therapy principles and grow as a facilitator with 1:1 work, group work for 5-500 participants and more.

  • Experience many ways of use 

    Learn endless applications and many ways to incorporate these innovative tools into the work you’re doing.

  • Starter Kit

    Registration to the course includes a set of The Coaching Game. Valued at S$239.

  • Step-by-step instructions

    Receive ready-to-use templates of various activities you can play with your clients, friends, colleagues, …

  • Follow up

    After the training, reconnect with your course colleagues, share experiences, receive workshop feedback and present your work.

  • ICF accredited

    This program offers 6 CCEUs for members of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The Coaching Game

A must-have tool and an asset in the professional toolbox. Effective for working one-on-one and with groups.

Can easily be adapted for any audience, content and working method.

65 photo cards, 165 page book, 4 cloth process charts and focus notes.


Use colorful and stunning photos, life topics and powerful questions to create a playful atmosphere of learning and development.

Generate new perspectives and build bridges between differing opinions.

33 photo cards, 33 word cards, 33 question cards, a cloth process chart, and a user guide.

More about the tools

The Coaching Game has been a great tool for helping people break through barriers related to decision making, critical thinking, tolerations, goal setting, planning, and any other cognitive or affective issues.

- Doreen Petty, Business Coaching, USA

Who can benefit from this training?

Every day, thousands of professionals throughout the world work with Points of You™ tools - a must-have tools and an asset in the professional toolbox.

  • Organizations

    Enhance corporate activities and see employees identify habits and examine workplace dilemmas from a new angle. Learn how to use the tools for team building activities, leadership development and for HR & training purposes.


  • Professionals

    Essential to the tool-kit of every life & business coach, trainer, counsellor, therapist, educator, team leader and more. Points of You™ tools are suitable for working one-on-one or with a group. Explore new territories for change and growth!


  • Individuals

    Enjoyable, thought-provoking tools that allow us to take a time-out, breathe and look at life from another perspective. Learn how to play solo, with your life partner, with family and/or friends.

About the trainers

Anh Thu Nguyen is a certified trainer, certified life coach (ACC), founder and director at ThreeSixtySkills Pte. Ltd.

She is also a certified trainer of Points Of You™ and she creates training courses using The Coaching Game, an innovative and fun tool that helps individuals and organizations to expand their perspectives and to gain clarity to move forward.

Click here to know more about Anh

Jennifer Lim is a certified life coach (ACC), certified trainer and founder of Points Of You Singapore.

She believes in the power of purposeful play as the ultimate learning tool. Having fun in learning together and she is here to see it happens. She derives great satisfaction in seeing transformation of growth in people journey of life.

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Your bonus gift: 4 Inspirational Journals worth S$129

4 inspirational journals each with a unique topic to explore: Filled With Love, Just be Me, Everything is still Possible and Follow my Dream.

In addition to the usual format of a journal, this set of journals is an invitation for a journey of observation and inspiration while playing a game.

Each journal is accompanied by 4 cards, each with its own engaging photo & quote. Inside  the journal you'll find questions and qoutes that will intrigue and assist you in going deeper to hidden layrs of your thoughts and feelings. Also, each journal has its own process chart that will guide you to expand your perspective.

2016 intake dates and registrations

  • Date and time

    Saturday 11.06.2016 12:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Location

    YMCA of Singapore
    Tan Chin Tuan Room 1
    1 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238824

  • Fee (no Coaching Game)

    S$299 only (with 4 Inspirational Journals, valued S$129)

  • Fee with Coaching Game

    S$499 only (with 1 Coaching Game and 4 Inspirational Journals, valued S$368)

If you have questions or enquiries, please contact Anh at or Jennifer at

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