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At ThreeSixtySkills, we truly believe that learning has to be something you can enjoy. We have seen too many boring courses so far, that's why we differentiate our courses by making them fun, interactive, experiential and extremely meaningful.

We combine our solid background in communication & education sciences and our expertise of years of adult training, both in private and in professional environments, to the use of interactive teaching methods and innovative tools like The Coaching Game to foster deeper learning and understanding.

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The workshop Time to Pause is unlike those I have attended. It is all about knowing ourselves better through interacting with others and thinking about ourselves. There are no worksheets, no theories and definitely no right answers. The trainer has done a great job in facilitating our self discovery.

Vincent Wee, Singapore

With amazing coaching skills and a delightful sensitivity, you have guided us through an interactive and self-reflective journey intended at taking a pause from the frenetic rhythm of our lives and at meditating on where we are heading to. You have invited us to be in the present and to look into ourselves through the creative and enriching mirror of the music, mysterious pictures and especially of other people, and to become aware of our weaknesses but especially of our strengths and dreams, that we should never give up. I wish everybody the chance to do this exercise with you! THANKS AGAIN!!!

Dr. Céline Coderey, Tembusu College-NUS, Singapore

Learning is an experience.
Everything else is just information.

- Albert Einstein


Check our events' calendar and join our next experiential workshops and courses to discover more!

  • Time to Pause - Workshop

    Nowadays, our lives are so busy, stressful and full of things we need to do. We never stop to breathe, to pause, to ask ourselves how we feel, even not for a minute. And sometimes, we end up running and running, without knowing anymore where exactly we are heading to, why we are doing it and what are our true desires.

    What would happen if we stop for a moment? Join this experiential encounter to experience an authentic, interactive and nonjudgmental dialogue with other participants, but most importantly, with yourself. Take this chance to face your inner fears, rediscover your strengths and invite new opportunities into your life.

    Length: 2 hours
    Number of participants: 10 to 50

  • First Step Toward Your Dreams - Workshop

    Have you ever ended up abandoning your dreams because you were scared that you would not make it, or that you were not up to the job?

    Perhaps you are not living your life to its maximum potential. Or perhaps you’re repeatedly putting your dreams on hold, waiting for the right moment to fulfill them.

    The reality is that the perfect moment does not exist. You will never have more time, more knowledge, more resources, until you decide to take the first step towards changing. Act now to transform your dreams into reality!

    Through the help of creative tools and inspirational images, this experiential workshop will allow you to expand your points of view on issues that you are currently facing and will help you to gain clarity to move forward, to start making your dreams come true.

    Length: 2 hours
    Number of participants: 10 to 50

  • Awaken Your Inner Hero - Workshop

    What makes a hero? Is it their superpowers? Their super strength or superior intellect? Or is it their ability to be unafraid in the face of impending danger?

    In reality, there’s a hero inside every one of us, just waiting to break free. What makes one a hero is not the absence of fears, but having the courage to face them head-on.

    You too can be hero of your own life: join this workshop to deepen your awareness, to make conscious choices, to change what doesn’t serve you anymore and to be responsible for your results.

    You’ll experience your current situation from new perspectives, face what is holding you back from achieving your goals and discover new opportunities to move forward.

    During the workshop, you’ll also have the chance to use The Coaching Game, an innovative, interactive and creative tool for personal development that will help you find the answers you are looking for.

    Length: 3 hours
    Number of participants: 8 to 20

  • Rediscover Your Full Potential - Workshop

    Description coming soon.

    Length: 3 hours
    Participants: 10 to 30

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - Training course

    Description coming soon.

    Length: 2 days
    Participants: 10 to 20

  • Conflict management - Workshop

    Description coming soon.

    Length: 3 hours
    Participants: 10 to 30

  • Learning and Memorization Techniques - Training course

    Description coming soon.

    Length: 3 days
    Participants: 10 to 20

I really enjoy the workshop "Time to Pause" as the trainer provides a very interactive way to present the message about having a pause in our life and give some time to reflect and ponder. The way how the workshop goes (rather than having presentation or talking but through cards and sharing session with different people) also make me really grateful to have signed up for this workshop. Overall, I really enjoy the session and I hope to attend more session similar in the future.

Timothy Lawrence, Singapore

Are you at the crossroad of self discovery? Then this workshop will give clarity to your thoughts and help you understand yourself better. Come to be inspired, highly recommended!

Frank Wang, Singapore

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

With her open personality Anh is able to make you feel at ease during the training sessions, she is able to create a positive environment in which you feel empowered and ready to give your best. I had the pleasure to work with her on learning new memory/studies techniques with one to one personalized sessions that boosted my creativity.

Tijana Catenazzi, Switzerland

Great workshop with Anh using interactive tools & techniques for us to expand our point of view on our lives!

Tommy Wong, Singapore